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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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j ladies, almost time to start strutting. mummers are getting ready for today's big parade. live in one of the clubhouses with all of the preparations, you know, you will get your strut on at some point, it will be a party on broad street this morning, can't wait. >> and we will check in with justin finch live at one of the houses, for preview of today's parades. so we need that heavy jacket when headed out there. it is cool, but at least quiet start start to the new year. >> absolutely; guys, thankfully looking at quite it err weather here today and beyond. this will end up being completely tranquil for cause. live look out here it, looks like all of the parade route, no one out there just yet. but, the chill is starting to settle on in. oh, there is one loan man. two loan men. there you are. right on cue. >> one of the quiet patterns.
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>> nice to see the sun after all this time. >> i know. it is out there somewhere. now, we finally get to see it. looks like we will get to for quite a while. >> maybe not directly in the city but at least overlooking it from afar. as we take you across the river here from the del rare river, palmyra cove nature park where we are taking the shot f1 of the favorite network cameras, especially days like there is you get the beautiful clear crisp view, of the city skyline, and currently at 38 degrees out there, but you can actually make out the light of the city. haven't been able to do that all that often as of late. that will changes here today and moving forward. so storm scan3, quiet as can be at this point. you she ground clutter between baltimore, dc, don't worry about it, not rain, not anything that will affect us, what we call ground clutter, radar 101, sometimes you can pick up these oddball abstract things on the radar, not precipitation, that's exactly what that s storm scan3, clear as a bell at this point in terms of precipitation.
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we do have some clouds, higher in the atmosphere, you don't have low feelings this time. you don't have poor visibility to contend w but do you have a chill. you're down below freezing after all in the mountains right now, into the 30's, pretty much everywhere else. philadelphia's the one and only spot right now at the airport where still in the 40's, that, will probably change before the sun comes up. speaking that far sunrise, should be pretty nice here today. happy new year to you, nice festive graphic to kick off the new year. 44 degrees, brisk, chilly day on tap for us, but the sun is expected to shine. and i tell you what, jan, nicole, it is expected to shine for the imagine or tip of the next seven days, not bad at all. we send it over to you. >> loving t love the sunshine. now this is how philly rings in the new year. >> yes, the mummers are ready to strut and fans will be lining along broad street. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at the clubhouse for the quaker city string band, in south philadelphia. hey, justin? >> good morning, hammy new year, live from the quaker city club howls where preparation also now underway
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for the big performance today, right here, right now, the make up stations are now set up. you see the spaces on the wall there. that's the look they're going for for this year's theme, the perfect swarm, hello there. good morning. how is it going? happy new year. so pretty soon the members will show up, start coming in here, getting their faces painted showing up right now, the make up happens 5:00 to 8:00 this morning, and from then on the rest of the day begins. we have all kind of colors here, green, red, white, the theme this year, again, the perfect swarm. that's by design. insect will be what you see from the quaker city band, as they take their way down broad this morning. and we also have some new band joining the fold this year they include the second to none drill team, and the miss fancy brigade, we had sam here on hand earlier to kind of walk us through. what the theme will be this year, how it will all come together, as you might imagine, at this point in the morning, he's very busy, he has disappeared.
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we will find him and bring him to you shortly. avenue seen costumes, and speaking of stairs, there is sam. good morning. i want to bring you over. have talk me through what we are seeing. >> happy new year to you. right now in pre-preparation for make up and getting dressed. from there witchings make up is down have our toes here on the steps to the whole band. and our ladies and helpers, that are here them head out to market street. >> we gather based on the colors and the props you've seen go by, the perfect swarm has to do with insect, perhaps bugs. >> absolutely, it is a fun bug theme, the day in the life after bug.
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>> the family will enjoy. >> thank you so much. looking very much forward to that this year. we are told some 10,000 participants from 40 plus bands will make their way down brought. later this morning, remember, they go down now, all the way to washington avenue. the weather will be in their favor. not too cold. not too warm. no snow or major rain in the forecast, so, everyone around the board is looking very forward, jan, nicole, over to you. >> great day, justin, start warming up. because you might have to do little strut too. >> oh, that's good idea. >> oh, oh, dang, okay. >> it is a challenge, justin, it is a challenge. >> we'll see. >> well one of the biggest new years eve party in the world, in new york city. weijia jiang shows us quite a police presence, and the party came off without a hitch. >> about a million people from all over the world came to new york time square to welcome 2016. and to say good-bye to 2015.
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>> so it was great experience, and everyone should do it at least once. >> i've been dreaming since i was a little kid to come out here. >> blizzard showered down on visitors to the so-called crossroads of the world, as the nearly 12,000-pound waterford crystal ball made its minute long descent, greeted the new year with kisses while some shed tears. >> you may now kiss the bride. >> other got married. rev lens enjoyed unseasonably warm weather and end count earth item is security, uniformed, undercover new york city police officers, searched and guarded the crowd. with memories of recent terror attacks in san bernardino, and paris fresh on their minds, many admitted they were nervous. >> we were skeptical about coming out. it was great. i'm glad we took the chance. >> once the ball dropped, the crowd wasted no time leaving time square. and an army of sanitation workers moved in to clean up.
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>> crews removed tons of confetti and debris left behind by party goers, planning for new years eve 2016 begins today. weijia jiang, cbs news, new york. >> now, the start of 2016 will bring a big change for philadelphia after eight years in office, philadelphia mayor michael nutter is down to his last few days on the job. he tweeted this picture of his office late last night, writing, quote, thank you philadelphia for allowing me to serve eight years as mayor of my hometown. happy health and safe new year to you all. incoming jim kenney takes over monday. >> pretty nice office. >> checking it out, that's cool. >> switching gears, if you haven't heard, the eagles fired head coach chip kelly. we have been talking about it. >> yes there is past weekend, fans took to social media to share their opinions on that decision. >> a lot of them fired shot at chip. but as ukee washington shows us, here is the problem. their aim was a little off.
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>> former eagles coach chip kelly. he doesn't have a twitter page. >> hello my name is chip kim. >> i this is chip kel fry northern california. he does have a twitter page. and this year, he's been making some new friends in philly. >> look into the innocent eyes of this eagles fan and say sorry. go ahead chip kelly. wal-mart is hiring apparently. >> kelly has had to deal with some angry birds fans, and he has seen pretty less than tasteful post. >> most memorable ones, the vulgar once, they stick out. >> he's been taking it in stride. >> i don't have to take it really seriously. it's in the really my world. i don't think that if it was, if i was the real chip kelly, i won't be on there. i mean, too much negativity. >> so some 3,000 miles away there is chip kelly sit far from the side lines of lincoln financial field, maybe now will stat stop hearing from philadelphia fans. >> if you're not the real chip kelly, he needs apology from someone. >> you never know where chip kelly will end up next and the
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new social media friends that he will make. >> maybe for him it could be a fresh start. maybe for me it could be a fresh start where ever he ends up. so we'll see. it will be interesting to see where he gets next, how that fan base hand it is. >> how fun stay? of course that was ukee washington reporting. now, chip is a patriots fan if you couldn't tell with his son's jersey there. >> yes. >> so i don't think he has to worry about kelly coaching his team any time soon. >> probably not. >> bill belichick, too. >> he's got quite the resume. you're right. but you know what? it is always interesting to see how people behave on line, and on twitter. people can be real mean. >> they have to watch that. throwing insults at the wrong guy. >> maybe got whole lot more twitter follow presser that, you know? >> hopefully. increased his ranks little bit. >> truement got something out of the deal. >> that's the trade off. now, eagles interim coach pat shurmer trying to keep thing on even keel now that chilis
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gone. >> said he and chip were on the right track. >> very many, many, many of the things that we're doing is right, and so we're going to try to keep it as business as usual, as it can be, in a very odd week. and go out and put our best effort forward to beat the giant. >> the birds worked out yesterday the last game of the season is sunday afternoon in north jersey. i guess playing for pride at that point. >> yes, and we'll still watch. we still love them. >> we do. >> george lucas says he's sorry. hear what the famous director said about the new star wars move that i got him in a little bit of trouble. >> also, talk about rough start to winter for ski resort in the poconos, huge hit they are talking from this milder wetter. >> and someone in our area is starting out the new year $1 million richer. we'll let you know where the millionaire bought their winning tickets.
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>> doctors at the rothman intuse say they've seen a loft injuries from hoverboards. urging people to wear protective gear and start slow. new jersey division of consumer affairs reports hoverboards will are also being investigated by the us product safety commission for possible fire hazards. >> i only hear bad things. >> i know. >> never hear good news. >> one falling offer of one, another one blowing up. >> exactly. >> hazard indeed. >> well, it has been a while since we've seen any sign
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every winter around here. now the mild weather is taking a toll on ski resorts in the poconos. >> cbs news correspondent demarco marching and reports the lack of white stuff is leaving many resorts in the red. >> with near empty lifts, barren slopes there is wasn't the ski trip jacqueline vazquez was hoping for. >> a mess. a mess. the snow's wearing down. this is the last time. i'm going home now. >> unseasonably warm temperatures, left skiers scrambling, vicky says this one trail at jack frost ski resort and pennsylvania was their only option. >> every single one closed, closed, closed, until we get here, and they said we just have one trail open. very disappointed. >> this baron landscape far cry from the winter wonderland of last year. >> not the best looking snow, but at least we're open. >> general manager, mark. >> we've had some tough years where it has been warm, but never been this warm continuously. >> a first for in you your experience? >> i had some tough starts, but this is the worse ever.
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>> not just here in pennsylvania, web cams at other resorts, sum such as blue mountain, camelback, spring mountain, and shawnee, show snow less slopes, some reporting they'll lost 20% of their business so far. >> we'll get this thing started by the latter part of the weekends early next week with the cold air coming in, we will be back on our feet and get rolling again. >> we learned more than 70 ski resorts are closed across the northeast. but those numbers are likely to change with temperatures expected to drop in the new year. demarco morgan, cbs news, blakely, pennsylvania. >> you know, i think i will ' do my part and go skiing, once they get the snow starting. >> yes, seems once we don't have it, now we want it. >> turn to the poconos, we'll move on. >> are they going to be able to make some snow so i can go skiing? >> it is look that way, i think so, at least starting to see a trends to much colder weather. will not necessarily see too much in the way of nature made snow?
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our area any time soon, but, they should have enough cold air up in the resorts to actually make it themselves. but as we look at the current snow cover, yes, if you want any kind of decent snow either go into canada or go far west. specially into the rocky mountains and all of the other mountain us terrain that you have in that neck of the woods. here locally, it pretty much is just devoid of any kind of snow pack. you have to even go into far northeastern pa even to find inch of snow on the ground right now. so definitely a concern as we just heard in the story there. but that's where we stand right now anyway in terms of snow pack across our portion of the united states. we do want to check in with eyewitness weather watcher network. aid feeling it would be slim become g tenges this morning, granted a few, all from our diehard watchers we hear from almost every day. guys, thank you for. that in fact, we start off with one of the diehards, educated, chesterfield at 38 degrees right now, wishing everybody a happy new year, also saying hey, you can actually finally break out the wetters not be sweat for a change. across the river to another
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report coming into us from phil, another one of the gold star reporters, 39 degrees is what he's reporting right now, and he actually sent in couple every pictures of the fireworks from last night, so beautiful, i had to show them to you. just beautiful colors here coming in from the displays last night. let's take you taught just one more. we go bit further inland here. out to jerry he's got 38 degrees, just sent this in in the last minute or so. few more clouds in kop. one of those days where we start off with clouds, eventually see skies start to clear out. let's go back to storm scan. where things are again little bit on the cloudy side. higher clouds though, you don't have any visibility issues out there today, but high pressure regaining control for us. so you will see more sun than anything. hilt after breeze, you end up with the breeze felt, you know, may just feel because it is between the skyscrapers like little bit stronger after wind flow. so might be the light breeze, but between the skyscrapers, it picks up velocity because it is sort of getting forced between the buildings, 37 the
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expected temperature as the parade actually kicks off at best talking low 40's, around noontime, but we should get to you about 44 later on today. and then notice what happens here. >> leakerly don't even break out of the 30's, but sunshine for the next seven days, guys, back to you. >> all right, katie, thanks. the words is sore fry star wars crow ate or george lucas. >> bizarre story, apologizing for comparing disney to quote white slave ers. lucas says he misspoke when he said giving his movie rights to disney was like selling, he made that comment to charlie roads on pbs. he also said he didn't care for the new movie the force awakens, but in a statement, lucas said he want to clarify he says disney is taking great care of the franchise that it bought from him three years ago. >> sounds like a lot of backtrack to go me. >> clarification there. >> yes. >> a lot of people will be headed to the movies today, maybe to see the force awakens berks that's not the only movie out there right now. >> kevin frazier for
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entertainment tonight has the words on some other mover toys check out. >> this week mark wahlberg and will ferrell try to out do each other, and leonardi fighting incredible odds to get home. >> you say the thing you do -- >> after being left for dead in the will err necessary, must face everything nature can throw at him to get back home to survive and seek justice on those who wronged him. the shoot itself posed a challenge but it was one the actors were up for. >> we new we were signing up for this movie, we were immersing ourselves in the real wilderness, far off locations, but i think we all were kind of excited about the prospect of doing something completely different than challenging, and every day was a challenge. but a lot whatever we went through, was up there, up on the screen, and to the narrative. something we can all look back on, and be incredibly proud
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of. >> wild and cool dad, mark wahlberg, shows up on the scene. >> looks like we've ourself a good old-fashioned dad-off. >> eat my dust, dust. >> i it takes more than presence and crazy sons to be any kind of dad. >> i get in there. the school, the school drop off, pick up, when i am around and able to do it. and help with homework, as much as the homework as i understand. >> i want to give the toughest thing is giving the kids what i never had but also making sure that they are appreciative, and they work hard, they don't become spoiled or entitle. so i want to make sure that they work hard, you know, that they are good, honest people. >> what do we have going on here, snap. >> tree house. only been at that time for about two months. >> dad built us a tree house for you. >> hey, i hope it is up to
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code. >> oh, watch out. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> and of course, when you want to know what's hot in hollywood catch entertainment tonight it is on tonight and every week night, at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> and a lot of people want to start the new year with a clean slate. >> yes, and one university wants to wipe the old slate clean, of some over used wordsment check it out. northern michigan's lake superior state university's annual list of bad words and phrases includes some favorites this year. they also hate using so, so what, so, to start your reply to any questions. >> okay? >> they also don't like saying the word presser instead of press conference. >> i have heard that a lot. >> okay. >> that's something we're familiar with, of coursement another one is vape as in smoking e cigarettes. they also say physicality is over used by sportscasters. >> i don't hear any of those words being said often. do you? maybe presser. >> maybe so, sometimes. i was thinking --
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>> it is like a filler word. you don't need at the. >> i guess. well, we'll just wipe the slate clean on that. >> up next, a sob story, made to we'll be right back.
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one was lucky enough to win the big pour ball jackpot, but a ticket was purchased in philly at this sun owe coke station, it matched all five numbers, but not the powerball. hire are the winning numbers in case you have them handy. >> saturday night's drawing now worth $334 million. so talking about starting off the new year right with a million dollars. >> true. >> love that. >> good sam czar continue in grand rapids, michigan, gave one single momma very happy new year, as women. cynthia fleming's car had steering problem, when she brought it to a dealership in grand rapids, the estimate was $800 fleming couldn't afford, and spending what she had on christmas presents, for her kids. another woman in the shop, amy, overheard fleming making calls to borough money.
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>> i said i don't know her story, but i'm here on this earth, i feel like i need to help her. >> i started praying. i said lord i don't have the money for there is i don't know where it will come from, but i know you'll make a way. >> the dealership cut the bill almost in half, and she paid the rest. fleming said she cried when she found out the news, certainly, very happy start to the now year doctor there. >> yes. i just like to see the kindness of strangers. again, that woman said she didn't know her story, didn't know her personally, but just wanted to do something nice. >> we need more that far, that was cool. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" more on the security around the globe. >> plus, seen the aftermath of this massive hotel fire in dubai. now hearing from witnesses who fled the flames to safety. >> then philadelphia tradition continues this morning, live at the mummers parade "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> philadelphia trade i can, the mummers parade of course, liver with the quaker city string band. >> and more than a million revelers ring in the new year, in new york times square, we'll show you how other towns celebrated too.
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>> people around the world, ushered in the new year under tight security, and many places. i'm don champion as the cbs broadcast center with a threat that canceled some celebrations coming up. >> today is friday, january 1st, happy new year to you, good morning, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm jan carabeo in for erika von tiehl. getting your day started with a check on your forecast, katie live on the cbs-3 skydeck. coat and scarf, more seasonable, i think. >> brought the the gloves and everything. chill in the air for sure, guys, certainly feels much more like it should for a change, we've been awfully spoiled as every late with the exceptional warmth that we've experienced through the holidays, and now we're starting to finally get a dose of reality here, you know? but thankfully not reporting any kind of storm potential at least not initially here, first days of january 2016 are looking awfully tame. so we start thing offer by taking outside, show you view hereof storm scan3, remains essentially empty, pinpoint waist going on down there,


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